Hamilton Sea Point RFC


Hamilton, aka Hammies, was founded in 1875 and recognized as being the oldest rugby club in South Africa.

Although rugby was played spasmodically in the Cape earlier than 1875, a game was played on Green Point common between Mother Country vs Colonial Born.

The Clubs old records and photographs were unfortunately destroyed in 1935 when the Pavillion building in which they were housed was burnt down.

It came into being in March 1875 at a meeting convened by W Nightingale who hailed from Scotland. A number of enthusiasts attended in the offices of Messrs Hamilton Ross & Co in Cape Town. This meeting also decided the name of Hamilton Football Club which is derived from Nightingales club in Scotland, founded in 1868 and which ultimately went over to professional soccer.

The clubs first uniform was that of the Scottish club from which Hamilton Football Club was named ... which jersey with a scarlet diagonal sash from right shoulder to waist with a scarlet Maltese Cross on the left breast. The clubs colours changed when Hamilton Football Rugby Club and Sea Point Rugby Football Club amalgamated in 1910 and finally in 1914 into current colours of red, black and yellow in three wide bands.

The inception of the Grand Challenge was in 1883 and is still competed for today. Hamiltons most successful period was the mid 1940s when the club entered 12 teams in various competitions, with a playing staff of over 300.

Since inception the Club may be judged from the fact that right from the start its fortunes were followed by an enthusiastic crowd of supporters European and Non-European, especially the Malay population of Cape Town. The traditions setup in those far off times are today the basis which much of the Clubs success rests. Traditions that in unbroken continuity have been handed down year to year as a cherished heritage, each succeeding generation of players adding its share before in turn handing them on to those following after.


Year player: 1891 B Duff, 1891 M Versfeld, 1891 Versveld, 1896 P Scott, 1903 CB Brown, 1903 TEC Hobson, 1903 JAC Anderson, 1903 A Reid, 1906 AR Burmeister, 1910 C Hahn, 1910/12 RR Luyt, 1912 FB Luyt, 1912 WJ Mills, 1921 FW Mellish, 1928 BL Osler, 1928 SP van Wyk, 1928/31 JC Tindall, 1928 GH Brand, 1931 GH Brand, 1933 GH Brand, 1937/38 GH Brand, 1951 JA Pickard, 1955 R Dryburgh, 1956 JA Pickard, 1958 JA Pickard, 1962/3 M Wyness, 1963/5 J Naude, 1967/8 J Naude, 1989 CJ du Plessis, 1989 MJ du Plessis, 1995 A van der Linde


Keith Andrews, Toks van der Linde, Carel du Plessis, M. du Plessis, K. Burger, Andrew Aitken, Tiny Naude, Sean Povey (Coach).


Biokineticist Graham Bentz and his two staff members have taken over the gym. They will be offering the following services:

Personalized sports specific training;
Weight management;
Lifestyle improvement;
Individualised and group training;
Power plate training

Please feel free to call Graham for an appointment or come and have a look at what he can offer you.

Graham can be contacted on 084 5485 056 or nuggetbentzsa@yahoo.co.uk


Did you know that our kitchen and bar facilities are now fully operational again for lunches, functions and events?

We are offering great pub fare at very reasonable prices and excellent quality to match

Just to give you an idea:

Chicken Schnitzel and Chips R40.00
Fish and Chips R40.00
300g Sizzling Steak, Egg and Chips R45.00
Beef and Chicken Burger and Chips R35.00
and; Toasted Sandwiches & Chips from R18.00 amongst other things

Please pop in for lunch or a drink after work and remember we have plenty of secure free parking AND the most magnificent views!!

1 Stephan Way, GREEN POINT 8005 (In front of the Cape Town Stadium)

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